Alex & Eve: The Baby

What will the baby's name be? Will it be Christened? or will it be Muslim?

Alex & Eve

You watched them fall in love, break up, get back together and finally get married. Now Alex and Eve are starting a family of their own. Having a baby can be pretty stressful at the best of times, but with Alex’s father George and Eve’s mother Salwa keeping score each time they win a decision things are going to come to a head pretty quickly!

Both of them have their own ideas on the baby’s name, what it’s religion should be and every other little decision the new parents have to make, will Alex and Eve survive their new bundle of joy? Or will it be too much for them?

Come and join Alex and Eve one last time as they find out just how much golf you can squeeze in when you have a newborn.

You won’t see a theatre audience this strongly engaged outside a Christmas pantomime.

They whooped, they cheered and they laughed knowingly at Alex And Eve: The Baby, the third in a series about a girl from a Lebanese Muslim background and her Greek Orthodox boyfriend (now husband) and the various hurdles their families insist on building along the couple’s path to romance.

Chris Hook

Arts Writer, Daily Telegraph

History of the Production

Flowing on from the climactic wedding, the next logical step for for Alex and Eve to start a family. In typical Bulldog fashion however the story of the new addition to their family also looked at some serious issues though a comedic lens such as the pressures put upon young families when they first start on on their new life.

Alex and Eve: The Baby matched the success of it’s predecessor and saw Alex Lykos step up to co-direct the show with long time Alex & Eve collaborator Michael Block. One unique result of this all singing, all dancing final show was an outcry from fans who had only jumped on the Alex and Eve train late and wanted to see the entire saga resulting in Alex & Eve: The Complete story which was a retelling of all 3 plays in one jam packed extravaganza.

Original Run

Written by – Alex Lykos

Directed by – Michael Block

Premiered – 11 August 2011

Alex and Eve the Baby was the long awaited and hugely successful finale to the Alex and Eve Trilogy.

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